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Jeffco Remote Staff

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Not all learning happens in the classroom.

With our innovative and flexible Jeffco Remote Learning Program (JRLP), our students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to complete their studies in a learning environment that best meets their needs. 

We know you want the best learning environment for your child, and remote learning is that space for many families, for a variety of reasons. Our stand-out program is making a difference in the lives of students every day.

What we offer

Synchronous: Students attend school in real time, interactive classes where they are given the tools to learn, engage, and socialize, in their unique learning environment.

High Quality: We foster an inclusive school culture based on strong partnerships between administration, teachers, support personnel, and families.

Comprehensive: All courses adhere to the guidelines set forth by CDE. Students also have opportunities for 1:1 help from teachers, small group instruction, Honors credit, concurrent enrollment classes, and a variety of elective options.

Equitable: JRLP provides a cutting edge educational experience for all students with a focus on differentiation for individual needs. Academic and experiential opportunities are provided both virtually and in person.

Enroll Now

Read More about Round 2 Enrollment is Open Now Through July 2024

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