Not all learning happens in the classroom.

With our innovative and flexible Jeffco Remote Learning Program (JRLP), our students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to complete their studies in a learning environment that best meets their needs. 

We know you want the best learning environment for your child, and remote learning is that space for many families, for a variety of reasons. Our stand-out program is making a difference in the lives of students every day.

What we offer

Synchronous Learning
With synchronous learning, students follow a traditional class schedule, Monday through Friday, very similar to that of an in-person, neighborhood school. Students participate in live classes with teachers and peers, plus lunch, class breaks and grade level appropriate activities.

High Quality Teaching
Our classes are taught by highly qualified and licensed Jeffco teachers who are hired for their expertise in their grade levels and content areas.

Comprehensive Teaching
JRLP offers a comprehensive list of K-12, Colorado and Jeffco board-approved courses and remote learning experiences that are driven by student needs and interests.

Equitable Experiences
No matter what a student's or family's situation is in Jeffco or the State of Colorado, JRLP is committed to providing a phenomenal educational experience for all students through academic and experiential opportunities offered both remote and in person.

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