Student Devices


Each JRLP student will be issued a device to engage in their remote learning. The grade level of the student will determine which device they receive.

  • Students in grades K-4, 8, and 12 will receive a device with a YELLOW tag. These are ESSER-funded devices.
  • Students in grades 5 and 9 will receive a new TechForEd device with a PURPLE tag. Visit the TechforEd webpage to learn more about this district-wide initiative.
  • Students in grades 6, 7, 10, and 11 will keep the TechForEd device they had previously received or will be issued one. Grades 6 and 10 have BLUE tags; grades 7 and 11 have GREEN tags.

Students are asked to leave the case on their device. It keeps your computer safe, and helps prevent accidental damage.

However, we highly recommend purchasing the Accidental Damage Protection plan for your student's device. Even with the protective case on (and even with the most careful students), accidents happen. This protection plan prevents the repairs needed after those accidents from being too pricey! See this flyer for more details. (Please note: without Accidental Damage Protection, any repairs that are not covered by the one-year factory warranty will be charged to your student's school fees account, and will be your responsibility.)