Will Pre-K families who choose 100% remote be provided devices from the central department since they are managing ongoing remote?

Preschool utilizes SeeSaw, which is available as an app for phones and tablets; laptops will not be provided. Families with access concerns can contact the Early Learning team at 303-982-1737 to determine available supports.

Where can I find support for my device?

Go to our device support page or call 303-982-3438 during the school year if your student needs technical support for remote learning.

Device Support

Where can I find help with devices, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Schoology, an iPad, or passwords?

Tech Resources offers help with many tech platforms, including Schoology and Google Classroom, as well as other tech solutions.

Tech Resources

What if my student's device is damaged, needs repair, or the charger is lost or missing?

Jeffco Public Schools is committed to working with our schools and various departments, community partners, businesses, and others to ensure students have devices and access to home internet for remote learning or hybrid learning. The following processes will support students and families to ensure access:

Assess the condition of your student’s device. If it was damaged over the summer, please call 303-982-3438 to arrange for repair. Call the same number if you are missing a part, like a charger. If you had multiple students sharing a device in the spring, let your school know.

What if I don't qualify for the Comcast program and still need internet access?

Review these low cost internet solutions.

Low cost internet solutions

What if I don't have home internet access?

If you do not currently have internet access at your home, check to see if you are eligible and apply for the Comcast Internet Essentials program. If you are unable to obtain internet service, please let your school know so we can work with you to find a solution for your student.

Comcast Internet Essentials

What does the Remote Learning model look like? What improvements have been made since the spring?

"Our shift to remote learning last spring has provided us with much insight and we will have a robust remote learning experience for all our students this fall. As described in the Restart Plan, we have now had time, through the summer months, to prepare technology, customize curriculum, unify resources, and create professional development for staff to deliver academic content in ways that meet the needs of all our students.

Starting this fall, the following expectations will be put into place across our schools whether we are serving students in-person or remotely.

• Common Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be used across our school district.
+ Seesaw (PK-2)
+ Google Classroom (3-12)
+ Schoology (6-12)

• Students will experience synchronous learning each day at an established time on a schedule to accommodate the courses they will need to complete.

• Each week, students will interact with their teachers in a face-to-face (Zoom or Google) environment.

• District assessments will be delivered remotely. Teachers will have student data to plan for remediation and extension.

• School-based staff will serve as community outreach liaisons to engage parents.

• Each school will have an outreach plan for parents and community members.

• Teachers will develop and enhance tools for remote learning and in-person learning during the additional days for training (8/14-8/21) before the start of school."

Sample Elementary Remote Learning Schedule

What are the student expectations for remote learning?

Jeffco Public Schools' Code of Student Conduct applies at all times, whether a student is attending in-person learning or remote. Read more about student expectations in the linked document.

Remote Learning: Behavior Expectations

Does my 5th / 9th grader get their own device and how do I make arrangements for that?

Families of incoming 5th and 9th graders, look for communications regarding your devices. All 5th and 9th grade students will receive a new device at the beginning of the school year as part of the TechForEd program. Their old devices will be collected, cleaned, and likely reused in lower grade levels unless the purchase agreements for those devices stated the family owned them at the end of their educational use.

TechForEd Program