Orientation 2022-2023

What to Expect at JCRL Orientation

You will move through each station.  We hope you will enjoy your time here as you collect information and start to connect with our staff and other students. We are truly excited to begin this year together.

JCRL's address - 1505 S. Pierson St. Lakewood 80232 (formerly known as Irwin)

Station 1) Front Desk

  • Check-in with Ms. Parker and Ms. Loya (Enrollment, registration, and Infinite Campus info.)

  • Library cards (Public library card distribution)

  • TECH check with Mr. Davis (Clean device, check device and charger, check student sign-in, new students get their Chromebook)

Station 2) Multi-Purpose Room

  • Meet your Administrators, get a donut, and watch our JRLP Orientation!

  • These will start on the hour beginning at 9am

Station 3) Classrooms ~ Meet Your Teachers!

  • Meet your teacher/ Advise teacher, and AMP Team, and pick up supplies and materials.

Elementary ~ Tuesday, August 16th 8:30-3:30 PM (11:30-12:30 Staff BREAK)

K-1 Classroom 115

2-3 Classroom 114

4-5 Classroom 111

Middle School ~ Wednesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30 AM (11:30-12:30 Staff BREAK) Meet your Advisement Teacher

Classroom 115 Acosta, Lee, Henderson-McGibney

Classroom 114 Pearce, Lindblom, Euler

Classroom 111 Schoenwald, Idell, Dill

High School ~ Friday 8:30-3:30 (11:30-12:30 Staff BREAK)

Meet your Advisement Teacher

Classroom 115 Flann, Breaslain, Walker, Schreiner-Li

Classroom 114 McCaman, Broom, Graves, Foster

Classroom 111 Lindgren, Brosius, Nye, Zapotoczny

*AMP (Art, Music, PE) in Classroom 111