CDE's Literacy Curriculum Transparency Website

The Colorado Department of Education's (CDE) Literacy Curriculum Transparency website is now live to the public.

The revised Colorado READ Act requires elementary schools serving students in grades K-3 to annually report literacy curriculum programming to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Senate Bill 21-151 enacted the Literacy Curriculum Transparency Act which requires CDE to make the following information available to the public by each school:

  • The evidence/scientifically based core and supplemental reading program for grades K-3
  • The reading intervention programs, instruction, services and other supports provided for students in grades K-3
  • The number of students enrolled in K-3 who have READ plans as well as the number of students who have achieved reading competency
  • The district’s budget and explanation for the use of READ funds

On this page, the public will be able to view the above information by district and school. The data appearing currently on the site is what was reported to the state in Spring 2021. Schools will be updating their reading programs with the district later this spring which will then be updated on CDE’s site in Summer 2022. 

Each district and elementary school website must have a link to the Literacy Curriculum page which will display this information. At the footer of your school’s website, you will find the following icon that families can click on to get more information: