Technology & Troubleshooting


You will inevitably need help with your device at some point. There are several options for this: Video Link - Tech Help

  • FIRST: Review and try solutions in THIS PRESENTATION
  • IF THAT DOESN'T FIX THE ISSUE: Fill out THIS FORM and our Digital Teacher Librarian will contact you for 1:1 support 

Feeling Techy?! Other Tech support you can try:

If your student is having tech issues, please try a couple of common troubleshooting tricks before calling our Tech line (303)-982-7015

  • Logins
    • Use a Chrome browser and make sure you re-logged-in with your Jeffco Google account (not a personal account)
    • Use the log-in "Sign in with Google" button whenever it is presented
    • For other district applications (like, use your school ID only (not full email) and your password
  • Restart: Shutdown your computer; wait 10 seconds before restarting
    • Please restart Chromebooks and computers at least two or more times per week 
  • Update: Make sure your Chrome browser is updated
  • History: Clear your cache/cookies
  • Extensions: Clear out your extensions
    • There are a lot of extensions and games students that mess with features on their devices. Remove any extensions that are not school-used

After taking all these steps, if you are still experiencing issues, then please call our Tech line (303)-982-7015 . If it is determined that a device needs repair we will swap out the computer at JRCL at Irwin.

tech help flow chart