About Us

Welcome to JRLP!

In the midst of one of the most challenging school years in our nation's history (2020-21), Jefferson County Public Schools made the decision to build upon its experience in remote learning by embarking on the creation of the Jeffco Remote Learning Program. As a compliment to Jeffco's widely successful 6-12 Virtual Academy, the K-12 Remote Learning Program focuses on a remote experience with a greater degree of structure, as well as increased student and teacher engagement, while also leveraging the unique opportunities and best practices of remote learning.

What makes the Jeffco Remote Learning Program unique is that it was designed upon a foundation of four main concepts of learning:

  • Synchronous: Students follow a remote class schedule that is very similar to that of an in person, neighborhood school. Our students' school day goes from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday, with typical breaks, lunch, and grade level appropriate activities.
  • High Quality: JRLP follows the exact same, Board-approved curriculum that is used across all Jeffco Schools. Our classes are taught by highly qualified and licensed Jeffco teachers who are hired for their expertise in their grade levels and content areas.
  • Comprehensive: JRLP offers a comprehensive list of K-12 courses and remote learning experiences that are driven by student needs and interests.
  • Equitable: No matter what a student's or family's situation is in Jeffco or the State of Colorado, JRLP is committed to providing a phenomenal educational experience for all students.